This Man Was Driving by This Man-made Lake When He Noticed a Massive Hole in It—Check it out!

Earth has a lot to offer, with many-a-mysterious places that are yet to be discovered.

Though this beautiful lake is located inside a man-made dam, its mysteries continue to attract people.

Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County, California. This reservoir in the Vaca Mountains is formed by the Monticello Dam, which provides water and hydroelectricity to the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The massive hole is called the ‘Glory Hole’, and is actually a spillway to avoid overflowing from the Monticello Dam. The name Glory Hole was derived from its funnel-shaped morning glory flower.

Apparently, the lake level at the time this video was filmed was at 441.3 feet or 1.3 feet above the spillway thanks to rains and runoff. With this at hand, they were able to capture the breath-taking beauty of the Glory Hole.

Take a look inside!

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