Say Goodbye To Belly Fat With This Powerful Recipe!

belly fat

The following remedy is great if you want to lose some weight without exercises or dieting.

It is a drink made of honey and cinnamon that provides many health benefits.

It will improve the digestion, accelerate the metabolism, detoxify and alkalize the body and assist the fat breakdown.

The cinnamon improves the nutrient absorption and regulates the production of insulin.

The honey boosts the metabolism and digestion and assist in the fat burning process.

belly fat

Needed ingredients:

  • One tsp. of cinnamon powder;
  • Two tsp. of honey;
  • One cup of water;


Add the water in a pot. Bring it to boil and add the cinnamon. Simmer it for few minutes and let it cool down. Add the honey and mix well. Consume a glass of it on a daily basis in the morning on an empty stomach and you will notice the results very soon. Do it until you get the wanted figure.


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