Photographer Takes Pictures Of Babies As Never Seen Before

When Australian athlete Rebecca Colefax traded in her star-studded career for motherhood, she rediscovered an old passion for photography that has now become her livelihood. Inspired by the beauty of life’s humble beginnings, she now specializes in capturing portraits of newborn babies, a craft she hopes will preserve precious family memories.

Dubbed the “First Lady of kiteboarding,” Colefax made a name for herself as Australia’s first female kiteboarder and went on to become the country’s first world champion in the sport in 2003. “I went the highest I could go in my sport, got a university degree, and travelled all over the world,” she told Daily Mail. “But, out of all of that, the most amazing moment in my entire life was the birth of my children.” After giving birth to her third child six years ago, she decided to pick up her camera and get back into a hobby she shelved as a young adult to pursue athletics. She now focuses on photographing pregnant women, newborns, toddlers and families, striving to create tangible copies of the most precious moments.

“Photographs are not a just a Facebook profile or an Instagram post – they’re a lifetime memory,” she said of social media’s effect on family life, comparing it to the numerous filled frames hanging on the walls of her parents’ house.

Though she herself has embraced a modern style of imagery, when it comes to the heart of the matter, Rebecca Colefax is back to basics. Have a look through some of her most stunning portraits of the world’s newest additions below, and vote for the ones that brought a smile to your face.

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